Client Experience Cycle

Discover We sit down with you to discover the issues and goals that will influence your plan. We learn your history, financial values, hopes and needs, risk-tolerance, and time horizons and use this information to guide our analysis and the recommendations that follow.
Analysis Using proprietary analytics, research tools and good old-fashioned experience, we analyze your situation and identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement across each aspect of your financial life: investments, insurance, tax and estate planning, and personal financial management.

Development Taking your vision and our analysis into consideration, we develop your life-driven plans. Together, we review your plans, assess your opportunities, and evaluate your options. We discuss the impact of your decisions and develop a strategy that gives you comfort and confidence.
Recommendation Our recommendations are made to provide you with specific advice on how to best align your financial resources with your goals and priorities. We talk through the recommendations and any questions you have, and progress to a plan of action.

Implementation With your approval, we begin the detailed, day-to-day work of implementing your decisions. We take on the tasks of follow up and follow through, driving completion of critical priorities. We coordinate with your other professionals to ensure plan alignment and integration.
Review Disciplined and ongoing review of your strategy, situation and results helps us adapt your plan to changes in your life, the financial markets and external circumstances. Continuous communication helps ensure your priorities, plans and investment portfolio stay on track to support your vision for your life.