Case Studies

Clarifying and obtaining achievement is unique and personal for every individual. Your specific situation your lifestyle, your family structure, your obligations, your attitude toward finances and risk are all contributing factors impacting your financial life. Following are some examples of clients who have come to us with various life issues. We have enhanced and deepened their vision, brought clarity as we developed and adapted their financial plans, and helped them to continuously achieve what is important to them.

Ready for Retirement    A married couple wanted to know if they could afford to retire in the near future. They needed to assess their resources, organize their retirement plans, rebalance parts of their investment portfolio, and plan for when each asset should be tapped into to support their lifestyle. Helping them address these issues gave them the confidence to know they were ready to retire.

Newly Inherited Wealth    A working, married woman with growing children unexpectedly inherits wealth from her parents. Suddenly very wealthy, she not surprisingly has more questions than answers about how to handle both the opportunities and the challenges her newly acquired wealth provides. Together we clarified her priorities, defined her financial options, and helped her make confident decisions.  Her wealth can now enhance her life and the life of her family for many years to come.

A Time of Transition    While going through a divorce, a woman became concerned about her financial well-being and that of her children. She lacked financial sophistication and wanted to make sound decisions about her financial future. We provided advice that helped her define her goals, evaluate her options and develop short-term financial management skills and a long-term financial strategy, giving her the comfort she needed to move beyond the past and focus on her future. 

Busy Executives    A senior level executive with significant stock option wealth needed assistance with stock option planning.  Through detailed analysis and collaboration with his tax advisors, we were able to develop strategies that allowed him to begin exercising options very tactically. Another busy executive, a small business owner, engaged our wealth management services.  Her main reason for choosing to work with us? The need for a team of trusted wealth management advisors so that she can focus on running and growing her business in challenging times.

High Net Worth Little Diversification    A successful couple found themselves lacking a comprehensive plan for managing their finances and making the most of their wealth which was mostly tied up in just a few stocks. Starting with a holistic approach developing a long-term plan based on their needs and goals helped us to determine how best to diversify their assets and stock success into sustainable, long-term wealth.