Ballou Plum in the News

December, 2013

"4 Money Resolutions to Make Now," featuring Lynn Ballou, CFP,  Please note: Investing involves risk including loss of principal.  No strategy assures success or protects against loss. 

"7 Tips for Coping with Holiday Financial Stress," featuring Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"LYNN'S TOP FIVE: National Health Care: What to think about now," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

November, 2013

"Professional advice on financial planning for newlyweds," by Laura R. Knolle, MS, CFP,

Lynn Ballou, CFP, has been honored with the Five Star Wealth Manager Award for the third straight year.  
Click here to read the press release. 

"One Will, Three Kids - How to Rule (well) from the Grave," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"6 Steps to Smarter Holiday Shopping," featuring Lynn Ballou, CFP,

October, 2013

"What Retirees Should Do When the Kids Come Back," featuring Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"Shift in Financial Planning Reflects Optimism," featuring Lynn Ballou, CFP,

Lynn participates in SF's Financial Planning Day
and is shown with Marco Chavarin, Financial Education and Access Program Manager, Office of the Treasurer

"LYNN'S TOP FIVE: The Grab Bag Column: A potpourri of planning ideas for you to use," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

August, 2013

"LYNN'S TOP FIVE: Taking Financial Stress out of your Wedding," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"A Record 21.6 Million Millennials Live with Mom and Dad,"  featuring  Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"When Men Should Handle Money Like Women," featuring  Lynn Ballou, CFP,

June, 2013

"Congratulations, Graduates: You Owe $1 Trillion," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

Ballou Plum receives the NABCAP Premier Wealth Advisor award for the third consecutive year.  Click here to read the press release.

"Should I Buy or Lease a Car?," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"LYNN'S TOP FIVE: Financial Planning Tips for College Bound Grads (and their Parents!)," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"Best Ways to Give Your Heirs Money While You're Alive," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

March, 2013

On March 29th, Marilyn Plum, CFP was interviewed by KRON 4 News in San Francisco on the economy and the markets.  Click here to watch the video.

"LYNN'S TOP FIVE: All About the New Tax Law Provisions," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"10 Tax Tips For Newlyweds," featuring Lynn Ballou, CFP,

January, 2013

"LYNN'S TOP FIVE: Medicare Planning at Retirement -- It's Not for Sissies!," by Lynn Ballou, CFP,

"Clients top worry: lingering dysfunction in DC," featuring Lynn Ballou, CFP,