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Yves Saint Laurent

Libre Le Parfum Beaute

Libre Le Parfum Beaute

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Libre Le Parfum is YSL's most intense and long lasting floral perfume for women, enriched with fresh lavender, sensual orange blossom and a rare warm saffron accord from the YSL Beauty Ourika Community Garden. The saffron accord is an olfactory homage to the spicy 'Fleurs de feu' praised by Mr. Saint Laurent himself, which lend an unabashed sensuality to the fragrance.

Burning Blend is the most concentrated and long lasting fragrance in the collection, making it a bold choice for the woman who wants a long lasting and intense scent.

Complementing the fragrance itself is the iconic haute couture bottle of Libre, which is designed as a haute couture jewel and tinted gold. The bottle contains fiery amber flowers, which speaks of a sense of passion and intensity.


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