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Paco Rabanne

Mini Palette Midnight Lights

Mini Palette Midnight Lights

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The Mini Palette eyeshadow duo is a highly pigmented palette that offers a multi-finish and multi-sensorial eyeshadow experience. It features innovative finishes and sensorial textures that provide full impact in one stroke, and the eyeshadows are buildable with a second-skin feeling. The palette is inspired by fashion fabrics and translates them into four distinct eyeshadow textures:

  1. Matte Leather: This texture provides a matte finish that resembles leather, creating a smooth and velvety look on the eyelids.

  2. Metal Foil: The metal foil texture adds a metallic shine and reflects light for a bold and glamorous effect.

  3. Sparkling Lustre: This texture features sparkling particles that add a touch of shimmer and sparkle to your eye makeup.

  4. Gloss Vinyl: The gloss vinyl texture offers a high-gloss finish that creates a wet and vinyl-like appearance on the eyelids.

With these four eyeshadow textures, you can create a variety of eye looks, from matte and sophisticated to metallic and sparkling. The Mini Palette allows for versatile and creative eye makeup styles.


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