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Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Aqua Media Cologne Forte Eau De Parfum

Aqua Media Cologne Forte Eau De Parfum

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The color green, evoking both water and light, occupies the middle position in the rainbow prism, symbolizing balance in motion. This essence of balance and vitality is beautifully captured in Aqua Media Cologne Forte, a fragrance that celebrates the vibrant freshness of green.

Aqua Media Cologne Forte is a dynamic and invigorating scent that combines the zesty notes of bergamot from Calabria with the refreshing qualities of verbena, sweet fennel, and a hedione-woody musk accord. This harmonious blend encapsulates the essence of green, infusing it into a fragrance that is both energizing and balanced.

As you wear Aqua Media Cologne Forte, you'll be enveloped in the uplifting and revitalizing spirit of green, an olfactory journey that mirrors the harmony found in nature's most balanced color.


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