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Eau de basilic pourpre Eau De Cologne

Eau de basilic pourpre Eau De Cologne

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A new addition to the Hermes Colognes lineup emerges—a fragrance that is light, airy, and inspired by the essence of plants. Crafted by Hermes perfumer Christine Nagel, Eau de Basilic Pourpre pays homage to purple basil, an aromatic herb bathed in sunlight that evokes conviviality and summer holidays with family.


Eau de Basilic Pourpre captures the rich and abundant aromatic freshness of purple basil, heightened by the presence of luminous, crystalline green bergamot and geranium, imparting a distinctive character.


The iconic lantern bottle undergoes a transformation, adorned in a vibrant green hue that radiates with color. The orange box is embellished with a contrasting green band, echoing the bottle's vibrant shade.


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