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Jo Malone London

English Pear & Freesia Cologne

English Pear & Freesia Cologne

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This fragrance is a gentle and fruity scent that draws inspiration from the beauty of autumn pear orchards. It features the fresh and ripe aroma of William pears, combined with the delicate scent of bright white freesias, all wrapped up in the warm and comforting notes of amber, patchouli, and woods.

The fragrance falls into the fruity scent family and comprises three main notes. The top note is William pear, a mellow and juicy fruit scent that is fresh and ripe. The middle note is freesia, a cool and distinctive floral scent that adds a delicate touch to the heart of the fragrance. The base note is patchouli, a deep and woody scent that enhances the longevity of the fragrance, creating a warm and comforting finish.


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