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Paco Rabanne

Famous Lipcolor Matte Red Seal

Famous Lipcolor Matte Red Seal

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Elevate your lip game with intensely pigmented, matte finish lipsticks that are brought to you from the heart of Paris. Discover the perfection of your lips with Rabanne's Famous Lipcolor, a lipstick that requires just one effortless stroke for a flawless result. You can opt for a metallic finish to add a touch of edgy glamour or embrace the vibrant allure of matte. Regardless of your choice, these lipsticks provide a hydrating sensation, leaving your lips feeling smooth, supple, and irresistibly kissable.

These matte and metallic lipsticks are not only renowned for their striking colors but also for their exceptional coverage. They coat your lips with vivid, high-impact pigments that command attention. Find your unique Famous Lipcolor signature shade and use it to redefine your makeup style in your own distinctive way. With Rabanne's Famous Lipcolor, your lips become the canvas for your makeup masterpiece.


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