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Estee Lauder

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Crème

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Crème

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A silky smooth, indulgent creme with Himalayan Gentian and powerful technology—skin feels firmer and strengthened, with a vital radiance.
Key BenefitsThe secret of infinite beauty.
See your skin thrive with this silky smooth, rewardingly indulgent creme, infused with Himalayan Gentian, youth-sustaining technology and rejuvenating nourishment.
Reveal a remarkably firmer, more radiant appearance. Skin feels strengthened as it resists the look of aging. Its youthful, vital bloom looks regenerated.
HIMALAYAN GENTIAN: A survivalist flower that thrives in the world’s highest, harshest mountains.
Despite poor soil, UV exposure and winter deep-freeze, this flower regenerates every year. When the wild plants reach maturity, their stems turn magenta, signaling the hand-harvesting can begin. We extract and harness its precious energies for Re-Nutriv in our exquisite Himalayan Gentian Extract, with a concentrated “survival molecule”.
The result is a potent force for skin that appears renewed and strengthened as it beautifully resists the look of aging.
Re-Nutriv. Life a life of extraordinary beauty.


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