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Soft Matte Primer

Soft Matte Primer

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This lightweight makeup primer offers instant mattification and is designed to provide a smooth and matte finish to your skin. It has a unique water-gel texture that transforms into a velvety soft matte finish upon application. The primer is formulated to fill in any uneven or textured areas on your skin, creating a smooth canvas for the application of foundation. It not only helps your makeup stay in place but also controls any unwanted shine throughout the day.

One of its key features is NARS' exclusive Climate Balancing Technology, which helps to retain hydration in dry climates and absorb excess moisture in humid conditions. This technology ensures that your skin stays comfortable and that your makeup remains intact, regardless of the weather or climate. Additionally, the primer is designed to prevent excess sweat and sebum from breaking down your makeup, so you can enjoy long-lasting wear and a fresh, matte look.


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