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Le Labo

The Matcha 26 Eau de Parfum

The Matcha 26 Eau de Parfum

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Much like matcha tea embodies more than a mere beverage within Japanese culture, THÉ MATCHA 26 transcends being a mere fragrance to us. It represents a moment of inner reflection, a personal sanctuary where we honor grace and soulful beauty. With a single inhalation, we're transported from the clamor of the external world to a serene inner sanctum.

Infused with the essence of matcha tea accord, interwoven with creamy fig, grounded by velvety vetiver and textured cedar woods, and enlivened by the enticing notes of bitter orange, THÉ MATCHA 26 is a nuanced composition.

Inherently introspective and profound, THÉ MATCHA 26 epitomizes a skin scent—a delicate aura reserved for those intimately close to the wearer. It exudes a dignified tranquility, serving as a scented homage to home, cherished solitude, and the comforting embrace of familiarity.


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